The Chapel Project + Volucres


Volucres (The Birds) is a multi-media work that has evolved from The Chapel Project, including music and birdsong, video projection and other elements still in development.

It was installed at Holy Trinity Anglican Hall, Dubbo for Artlands 2016 from 27 – 30 October 2016. A video mockup of the works is available for viewing here.

Kim V Goldsmith artist feather photograph

The Chapel Project

The Chapel Project is a multi-artform umbrella project that has involved choristers, musicians, high school students, community members, digital media and projection artists. It has been in development since 2014.

The project phase ceased at the end of 2015 so that the final work could be produced for installation at Artlands Dubbo in October 2016. Due funding difficulties and various other challenges, the work has been reinvented in order to progress. However, it remains true to the original concept pitched by Kim V. Goldsmith nearly two years ago.

A spiritual celebration with nature at its heart, The Chapel Project was about developing an ambitious, immersive, multi-disciplinary performance installation of birdsong-inspired choral music, soundscape and mapped video projections.

From the outset, The Chapel Project’s creative team aimed to challenge, inspire and entertain, presenting a vision paying homage to the guardians of our natural environment, our native birds – an indicator species for the health of our environment – and the collective creativity of regional artists and communities as contemporary storytellers.

This project has been proudly supported by:

Panscott Media (publisher of Dubbo Photo News and Dubbo Weekender)
Ochre Communications
Western Plains Cultural Centre

Funding and support for the development of the choral music was received from:
Country Arts Support Program (CASP) – Arts NSW devolved funding administered by Regional Arts NSW & Orana Arts on behalf of the NSW Government.